What God is doing through Didasko Academy

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds (Psalm 9:1).

I have never seen a ministry working in love like this: almost all institutions are looking for profit, but Didasko is offering their generosity for us. May God pay back for this excellent job you are doing to feed God's people (Anonymous student, 2024).

I consider this [Cross-Cultural Communication] course one the most important course that Didasko offers ... It is a comprehensive and practical course that has equipped me to be prepared thoroughly for [the] mission field, knowing some of the challenges to expect and how to overcome them and become an effective communicator of the gospel in missions (Bob Maepe, 2024).

Through this course [The Bible and Missions] I have been exposed to the true purpose of life. I have to admit that for some reason I have been living my life without a clear guideline and direction and I would like to repository my life to serve the Lord. I want to do missionary work and this course has enabled me learn why I should focus on reaching out to the unreached. Thanks so much for availing it free of charge so that everyone can access it (Kawooya).

This is the best course I have ever taken [Missions 101]. Thank you Didasko and everyone involved (LoraModi).

I was enlightened by the fact that learning a language plays a vital role in doing missions in UPGs, because according to the research, the gospel spreads with a higher rate by the missionaries who learned the native language than those who are not able to speak the language of the place. Culture and language goes hand in hand. (Anonymous student)

The course Personal Fundraising for Missions has been engrossing and thought provoking. It often led me to introspect and spend time in prayer. The course is excellent in all aspects and I was immensely benefited. CS, India.

My  gratitude to the organizers of this wonderful packaged turn around programme. I am very grateful to every one that has woken me up from my slumber. My life, Ministry and walk with God will never remain the same. Thank you and God bless - OTB, Nigeria

I really like the content and presentation of the course,its makes me easily grasp the answers and am happy study this course because it will also help me towards my dream becoming a missionary, thanks. - T, Cameroon

... the style in short segments, being interactive and using listening, reading and writing skills kept me motivated, interested and learning in a short period of time. Thank you for sharing such wisdom on such a valuable topic
- Leanne on "The Bible and Missions"

A student's insight gained from the Missions 101 course: Poverty is because there is corruption. The root cause of corruption is sin. The root cause of sin is separation from God. That is why we have to share the gospel - Arian S.

I have taken a whole different view of the Christian life style after going through this course.
- Edsel

Thank you very much for the Didasko courses. They very much blessed me and now I have a better understanding of our ministry. Before I didn't quite understand about our job to start a CPM to reach a missiological breakthrough, and about reaching the 4th generation. Also the statistics were very helpful.
After seeing the videos I have more inspiration / enthusiasm again to share the gospel through seed sowing.
Again, thank you very much. Salaam, E**

- A missionary working in a Mus1im country

I think good work has been done in creating a computerized online platform for mission training. The groundwork for including all languages is very positive ... The two stories used in the Bible and missions: that of the adoption of the two sons and of Sipho, are creative in bringing across mission in a non legalistic way and in introducing frontier mission.

- Claris

The videos deliver to a great effect as they are full of real life pictures, videos and people.  With such visuals ideas are brought from the theoretical realm to the very practical and reality-based applications of every day life being impacted. You can "see" what the meaning is and involves and see how it has influenced existing people groups. I found the course very clearly defined, the presentation easy to follow and the summary precise. I learnt a lot by going through all the reference materials that were really quite exciting to read. Even after completing the course I am going to go back to several mentioned resources and read up on some more interesting facts I never knew. It is a great introduction to teach all of us our King's command in carrying out our mission responsibilities.
- Char

What a great, easy and enjoyable course [The Bible and Missions - ed]. A great refresher with tons of info and reading to support it. Great illustrations, presentation, and clear (great paced) instructions. The quizzes are easy but still had you thinking and tested your knowledge on each section. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it.
- MMoolman

Great course, easy to follow and retain information after video explanations. Enjoyed the videos with illustrations and the combination with following along in the text made it easier to retain. Excited to learn more!
- MW

I really enjoyed the course. I think being able to speed up or slow down the speaking of the presenter is excellent especially for those who do not have English as their first Language. The content is perfect as an introduction to God's heart for the Nations and what we are to do with this information. I am sure more of the "how" will follow. I like the way the course is set out so that it can be used in a group setting. Good job. Can't wait to try the next course and to try this one out with a small group.
- Sue

I just want to say that I think I have learnt more in this course so far than I have in many books and months of learning!  It is so interesting, I am lapping up every word!  I have read the reference materials and even other references mentioned in them.  Looking at the lives of the first missionaries and monks and how they progressed, expanded the Gospel and influenced history is just amazing.  Thanks for this. 
- Char

I really liked the graphic illustration of the spread of the gospel in Acts. It helped me realize as we make disciples, the spread of the gospel can be exponential.
- Cheryl

A well compiled, concise and clear course. The questions, supporting articles and verse summary helped me to review and reflect. I am very humbled, once again excited and sad at the same time. Humbled and exited about God's love for each and every people group, including my own. Sad that so few understand the urgency as well as so much time wasted by Christians. I am also blessed by the team who compiled this well thought out and researched program. I cannot wait for the next course and will definitely focus on my mission work as both important and urgent once again.
- Deon

I liked his [the instructor's] sense of humor and can see he has a excellent knowledge of the bible. The course was well thought through and very interesting.
I really enjoyed the course. The part that had the most impact on me was the re-awakening of the urgency and role of believers in Jesus to make disciples of all nations (or ethnic groups). It's easy to get caught up in daily life and focus on just getting by, but there's a much deeper calling for believers.
I also really enjoyed the think-exercise about Sipho and seeing how one person can make such a difference by being obedient. I learned that making disciples isn't just about telling people about Jesus but about teaching Christians how to obey God's commands (the one's written on our hearts and minds), and even how to evangelize.
- Josh