Are you looking for a powerful tool you can use in mobilizing the church into missions? Would you like to help people find their calling? Would you like to help senders to know more on how to select missionaries to support?

Didasko courses can help with all of these. Our courses are not only useful for missions mobilization, but also for preparing church members to go on outreaches or missions trips.

Free resource – no need to re-invent the wheel

Think of Didasko as a resource you can use, almost like reading a book. A super-charged book! The advantage of Didasko courses over a book is that you can mobilize groups churches and groups or mentor individuals to find their calling.

Remember, you can “cherry pick” a course, a video or series of videos from a course.

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Become a facilitator of our courses

You can do our online facilitator training to learn how to best use Didasko courses as a mobilizing tool.

To become a facilitator you have to complete at least these three courses: How to use Didasko, The Bible and Missions, and Missions 101. Once you’ve completed these courses, we’ll arrange an interview on Zoom. Then you we’ll register you for our online facilitator’s course. Once you are a registered facilitator, you will receive course facilitator guides.

At this point you will be free to use our courses as and when you like. We don’t require any further commitment from you in terms of minimum number of courses per year, etc.

In your mobilization effort you can be more effective, because you don’t have to do all the teaching yourself. You can play our videos for that. But if you like teaching, you can teach the contents of our videos yourself and just use the quizzes, reflection questions and group discussion questions. If you like you can add activities. Our goal is to mobilize the church into missions; so whatever it takes!

See the links at the end of the page to find out more detail on facilitation.

Discovering Missions Series

Our Discovering Missions series is a very good tool for mobilization. This series has three courses, listed below. You do not have to use all three of them, rather you can choose what is needed for the specific church or group you are involved in. And remember, it’s all free of charge.

0010 Learn how to use Didasko (1-2 hours to complete). This course helps them understand the facilities of the courses.

Discovering Missions Series:

A015 The Bible and Missions (6-9 hours to complete). This will create missions awareness and help your people understand why missions is biblical. A good course for people to do before going on a short-term missions trip.

A020 Missions 101 (10-20 hours to complete). This will give people an insight into what missionaries go through. This should make them understand your missionaries better and therefore become better supporting partners for missionaries.

A030 Roles in Missions (5-8 hours to complete). If someone is wondering what their call is, this is a good course to help them clarify it.

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Comments from students

Here are some relevant spontaneous comments from our course discussion forums:

Thank you also for Didasko it is helping me now in creating our Mobilization Material for Asian Center for Mission and is also helping people be informed about missions” Igy, the Philippines, 2019.

I want to recommend Didasko Intercultural Ministry Training for every Christians especially those who are called as Missionary. It's a right place to be.” Nigerian missionary (2022).

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