Non-English speakers

We realize that many cross-cultural workers come from countries where English is not widely spoken. For this reason, learners can choose subtitles from several languages. The subtitles scroll along as the video plays, and videos can be rewound to earlier places in the video by clicking on the text. Learners can also download the subtitles if they wish to re-read them later.

Unfortunately, many of our subtitles have been translated by computer. While computers are not able to make very good translations yet, these translations should help those who are not good at English. We are looking for volunteers to translate our video subscripts properly.

Would you like to help translate our subtitles into your language?

Languages available as subtitles for videos

We have translations for all subtitles of our videos in these languages. The languages with an asterisk * have been translated by people.

Afrikaans Amharic Arabic Bengali/Bangla Spanish
French Hindi * Indonesian Igbo Korean
Burmese Dutch Portuguese Swahili Tamil
Thai Tagalogtd> Yorubatd> * Mandarin Chinese