Augment your existing orientation for new missionaries with Didasko courses. You can use Didasko courses, free of charge, to do just that. You can do this face-to-face by facilitating our courses, or get them to do it online at their own pace. The courses also work well for life-long learning for existing missionaries on the field.

A free resource for your agency – no need to re-invent the wheel

Think of Didasko as a resource your agency gets free of charge. Almost like a super-charged book.

Instead of requiring new missionaries to read certain books, you can let them complete certain courses on Didasko. The advantage over books is that with Didasko, they can send you their digitally-signed course certificate as proof of completion.

This means that there is no need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to training! Use as much or as little of our material as you like.

Why don’t you try getting applicants to do some of the course and ask them how it went?

Facilitate courses using your own staff

You can also use the Didasko introductory series of courses as a recruitment tool for new missionaries. Other agencies are using their staff to facilitate the courses in churches, bible schools, etc. You are free to advertise your agency as much as you like when presenting courses facilitated by your staff.

You can use our more advanced courses to train or refresh on-field teams. Your team leaders can serve as course facilitators – a course facilitator does not have to be an expert in the course material, but need only follow the course facilitator’s guides.

You can train your own facilitators using our online facilitator training. Facilitation guides for each course are made available to trained facilitators. If you have questions regarding this, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Just-in-time training

Our training model makes it possible to train your staff just before they need to start applying what they’ve learned. Adults prefer to learn this way.

Applicants to your agency can get training in the basics of missions from early on in their journey with you. They can do Bible and Missions, Missions 101, and My Roles in Missions (to confirm their calling).

Just before they start raising support, they can do Personal Fundraising for Missionaries, which helps them throughout the fundraising process. For example to work out a multi-currency budget, to make a presentation booklet, set targets, and so on.

Once they reach the field they can do the Fruitful Practices Course, perhaps in their team setting.

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Contribute your agency’s expertise

All our courses are developed and taught by experts on their topic. You can partner with us by contributing your expertise through development of new course material. Not all experienced missionaries are good at course development, so we have documents and a process to assist them in this process.

How our collaboration works

Evaluate our courses without having to do them yourself

If you’d like to evaluate our courses, we have a short-cut for you. You can download course evaluator guides to see what content each course covers. And / or you can enroll in any of the courses (for free of course, just like regular students) and have a look around the actual material.

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