HV_2022-Small.jpgDr. Henry Vermont

Henry is the CEO and founder of Didasko. Henry has over 20 years of cross-cultural ministry experience.

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Betsy VermontBetsy Vermont
Co-founder and Senior Researcher

Betsy is the co-founder of Didasko. She is the senior researcher and oversees course development. Betsy has over 20 years of cross-cultural ministry experience. Click for biography.


Kealeboga PictureKealeboga Thabapelo
Facilitator Coordinator

Kealeboga provides oversight of the course facilitation arm of Didasko. She interfaces with course facilitators in a number of countries.


Dr. Don FisherDr. Don Fisher
Course Developer

Dr. Don Fisher is a life long teacher with a doctorate in Education.  He taught in Bible schools in Indonesia for 14 years.  He has travelled and taught in a number of countries and written several books on Bible study methods. Although  he is technically retired, he and his wife are still active in ministry.

Chris BChris B
Principal Editor

Chris is a committed Christian who works among technical folks and has a lively interest in linguistics and learning. He is currently completing a theology degree part-time.
Chris has had a life-long interest in missions, and is a keen participant in Didasko's work. He is a professional engineer, researcher, linguist, teacher, company director and pilot. He amuses himself with running, flying, studies and music.


Lize FutcherLize Futcher
Social Media


Oversight by board of directors

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