In partnership with the Vision 5:9 network, Didasko launches the Fruitful Practices course.

Learn from successful church planters across the Muslim world! Whether or not you're ministering to Muslims, this course should provide useful information.

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What is a Fruitful Practice?

"Fruitful Practices" are activities and behaviours which multiple church planters have discovered are effective at producing the spiritual fruit of new believers, healthy discipleship communities and reproducing fellowships of believers.

This course is based on the realities of experience of hundreds of field workers, and on the foundation of scripture. Although the research was done among people working in Muslim societies, the principles are applicable to most pioneer church planting situations.

The principles explained here are not a set of formulas to follow. Rather, they should be applied to your situation using your own first-hand knowledge of local conditions. Prayerfully adapt them to your own context.

The themes of fruitfulness taught in this course include how to relate to society, to seekers, to believers, to leaders, to God, to communication methods, to teams and how to relate to churches. 

The course is taught by multiple presenters who each have personal, on-field experience. Completing the course should take between 12 and 14 hours.

The course developers

The course was developed by the Fruitful Practice Research team, as part of the Vision 5:9 network. Vision 5:9 is a global network of evangelical organizations, partnerships, and other networks, all committed to making disciples among all Muslim peoples. The mission of Vision 5:9 is to mobilize and equip the global church to engage all Muslim people groups, to establish effective disciple-making and church-planting efforts among them, and enlist the resulting churches in the Great Commission.

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