A very satisfying ministry

Facilitating Christians into discovering and developing their God-given calling is a very satisfying ministry that can also be done part-time. If you are interested in becoming involved in such a ministry, please read on ...

May I run a course at my church or organization?

Yes, of course you may! We'd love it if you did. That's why our courses are free to use: we want churches, missions organizations, trainers and mobilizers to be able to use them as a resource in their ministries. Even though you can just start facilitating courses on your own, we have resources available to make facilitation much easier.

Online facilitation

Even though Didasko courses can be done online and individually, it is much better to be part of a facilitated group. Normally group facilitation is done face-to-face, but that limits facilitators to people who are near them. Groups are being facilitated successfully using tools such as Zoom and WhatsApp.

How do I become a Didasko Facilitator?

Your first step will be to complete the courses you want to facilitate. We suggest you also do the "How to use Didasko" course. This is important, because even if you already know a lot about missions you still need to get an understanding of how our courses work and what they cover.

Once you've earned your course certificate, the next step is to apply as a facilitator and we will be in contact with you regarding the next steps. These include doing our short facilitators' course (also online).

Apply to become a Didasko Facilitator

Read more about learning in groups

Frequently asked questions about facilitation

Am I allowed to charge people to attend the course I run?

Yes, you may. Think of our courses like you would a book. You can use a book to teach a seminar people pay for. The same goes for our courses. If you go to the trouble to arrange a venue and use your time to facilitate a course, you may earn money from it. A worker is worth his wages. Of course, if you were to contribute a small percentage to Didasko, it would be most welcome. Contributions will help us run our web site, and develop more courses. But this is not compulsory.

We recommend, however, that you do it at as low a cost as possible, requesting money from students only to cover your costs such as venue, rental, refreshments, payments for Zoom, etc.

May I teach instead of using the videos?

Of course, you don't have to use the videos at all if you don't want to. You can teach some or all of the material yourself, and just use our courses as an outline.

I don't agree with some of the videos, and don't want to use them on my course. Do I have to use all of them?

No, you don't. We'd just like to ask you to tell the learners that you've left out some videos, so that if they notice the gaps they don't think that our course is incomplete.

If you want to, you can even make your own replacements of selected videos. But we'd like to encourage you to also license these under the same Creative Commons license as ours. In fact, why don't you send them in to us? If we also prefer them to our own, we'll use them in our standard courses. This is how we can use collaboration to improve the courses.