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  • 0010 Learn how to use Didasko (1-2 hours to complete)

This course teaches you how to use the course material to its fullest, including all the features of the video player, discussion forums, and course Wiki. Even if you are familiar with other online training sites, this course will show you how to get the full value out of your courses. We might have important "hidden" features or ideas you've not come across before. It's not a long course.

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The Discovering Missions series

The "Discovering Missions" series is a set of three courses that gives an in-depth overview of the world of missions. Do not attempt this course if you are not a mature Christian, because it might just revolutionize your life!

  • A015 The Bible and Missions (6-9 hours to complete). You may already know a lot about the Bible, but you may be surprised by some of what you'll learn in this course. It'll revolutionize your Bible reading with new insights! Some of what you'll learn:
    What is the most important theme of the Bible - to God? What is God's goal for us, and can we do anything to help? What's meant by God's "Redemptive" and "Kingdom" programmes? The Bible says we have been blessed to be a blessing.
  • A020 Missions 101 (10-20 hours to complete). An exciting course about what God has been doing in the world, what He still wants done, and how He is making it happen!
    Learn about some of the wonderful things God's people have done to reach the lost over the years. Answers the question: does God have a task for His church? Is it possible to finish? What still remains to be done? What will it cost us? And how can we go about it effectively?
  • A030 Roles in Missions (5-8 hours to complete). Jesus does not just need pastors and missionaries. He wants to use normal people like you and me too, right where we are! This course shows you all kinds of exciting ways in which you can become involved in His work.

The above series of courses are similar in content to the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and the Kairos Course. However, Didasko courses are more focussed on the practical day-to-day task of missions than on the "big picture." Didasko courses are also free of charge, video-based, self-paced and you can start any time you like.

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Personal Fundraising for Missionaries

The vast majority of missionaries are responsible for raising their own support. Most find this process challenging, and some struggle with issues like finding the balance between having faith and asking for money. Some just don't know where to start.

This course addresses the obstacles and challenges of fundraising, what the Bible says about it, the principles and fruitful practices of fundraising and practical tips and ideas. The course is self-paced and consists of video mini-lectures, quizzes, reflection questions and online discussion forums. The course also provides spreadsheet templates such as a multi-currency budget spreadsheet and appointment planner.

The course takes 6-12 hours to complete.

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