If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together (African proverb).

Didasko Missions Academy believes that collaboration is the best way of bringing training to all Christians called by God. Very few organizations have the resources to produce all the training missionaries and their sending partners need, but together it can be done. For this reason, we have made all our material free so that others may use it, with the hope that others will also follow this same model in developing their material.

You or your church or organization can collaborate in a number of ways.

  • You can refer people to our website, where they can do our courses free of charge. Once they complete a course, they can send you a link to their digitally-signed certificate.
  • You can facilitate our courses to groups (some are doing this over Zoom). It takes very little time, and has been shown to have a good effect. See Facilitation Guide and Evaluator Guides buttons below.
  • You can help us develop more courses or other useful training material. Collaboration in development of new courses is made easy through our Creative/Christian Commons "open" license. To find out what Christian Commons is, click on the button below.

Christian Commons / Creative Commons

Find out more about facilitating Didasko courses

Evaluate our material to see whether it suits your purposes

Please let us know if your church or mission organization is interested in collaborating with us

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