Organizations and Churches

The CC-BY-SA licensing allows multiple organizations to have the freedom to share and adapt one another’s training courses. We believe such freedom to collaborate will speed up the development and improve the quality of training.

We’ll illustrate this with an example - let's say collaborating Agency A has developed an excellent course on language learning under the CC-BY-SA license. Didasko is then free to use that course on their Web site. Because all Didasko’s course material is also under CC-BY-SA, Agency A can use any of the courses that Didasko has developed on its own Web site. In fact, Agency C could even use all Didasko’s and Agency A’s courses on its own Web site, even if it contributes nothing – as long as it attributes where the material came from.

Because the course material is "free and open," it does not mean that an agency can’t charge students connected with the courses. For example, you could require them to pay for class facilitation if you use the “blended” or “flipped classroom” model, or you could require them to pay for assessments towards accreditation by your organization.

We trust that the Lord will raise up collaborating churches and organizations that will also contribute high quality course material to this “intercultural ministry training eco-system.”

We are following current educational trends, set by universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard and many others. You can do many of their courses online now, but to get credits you have to pay to do the assessments and to get a certificate on completion. Click here for a more complete list. You can also read up more about Open Courseware by clicking here.

The Christian Commons

Read the free book "The Christian Commons: Ending the Spiritual Famine of the Global Church" by Tim Jore.


Regarding the Ownership of posted comments on Didasko

All comments and other information you provide on our forums will be open to other students. Under the CC-BY-SA licensing anyone will have the freedom to share and even adapt this information. Therefore, please use discretion when you post information.

Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.” (Habakkuk 2:2).